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Do you know, most often common health issues can be treated by correcting your food habit? Hundreds of people trust mahanasa for authentic ayurvedic treatment.  

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Ayurvedic Cooking Class

Our health and lifestyle is a reflection of our diet. Many simple diseases can be cured by having right food without taking any medicine. We help you in understanding and developing healthy cooking and eating habits to build a healthy lifestyle in today’s world where unhealthy food choices have become the order of the day.


We conduct AYUSHI, an Ayurvedic postpartum care. It is a 45 days program which provides well-trained Ayurvedic therapist to service mother and child.

For Mother,

  • Customised Ayurvedic oil massage: Helps to relieve delivery pain and muscle relaxation

  • Application of herbal paste: Helps in toning up sagging abdominal muscles

  • Herbal fumigation: Fumigation, especially for the private parts, helps to relieve from any infections

  • The classical method of abdominal wrap: To get back the shape of the belly

  • Customised cell rejuvenating tea

  • Sweet lactation drink

  • Diet guidelines from our expert Ayurveda physicians.

For Child,

  • Massage with Ayurvedic Baby Oil: Helps to nourish the muscle and bones for growing baby

  • Ayurvedic kashaya Bath: Relaxes and helps to have a good sleep

  • Fumigation: Mainly to overcome the airborne infections

Cancer Management Institute

CANCER the word make people to get scared of this just by hearing its name. cancer is abnormal cell growth in the body it potentially spreads to other body parts which might leads to death. There are more than 100 varieties of cancer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cancer be cured with Ayurveda?

As the known fact that Cancer cannot be cured, it’s the management of the disease. The management in any system of medicine involves increasing the lifespan, but in Ayurveda it is increasing the lifespan with less hurdles to the patient.

How long does the treatment last/ medications to be taken?

The treatment involved depends on the age, Prakruti and disease manifestation stage and to be taken from month to years depending on the progress. Seasonal therapies to be undergone to rejuvenate the cells and medicine completely depends on the type of cancer.

What are the dietary restriction while taking Ayurvedic treatment, if any?

It is not the major dietary restriction but of course the food which helps to rejuvenate the cells to be taken rather than deteriorating the condition. Mahanasa Doctors advises the complete dietary details as per the patient.

Once the medication is started, how soon can we see some results in Cancer patients?

Cancer as everyone knows the cells grows faster than the normal, Ayurveda management of cancer focus on rejuvenating the body so that the body defends by itself and to reduce its faster growth. The recent origin can find more results than the older ones.

While taking Ayurvedic medicines for Cancer, can a patient take other medicines also?

The symptomatic treatments and emergency medicines can be taken but particularly for the disease the medicines should not be mixed with other system of medicines.

Will the medicines have any adverse effects?

The medicines given are completely based on Ayurveda principles and will definitely not have any adverse effects, and the patient has to reveal the allergic condition if any before starting the medication.

Will the medicines help increase the patient's life span or will they only feel better?

Does any other system of medicine for Cancer increases life span or just feel better, I think its time for you to get the answer for this from yourself. Ayurveda is not a magical remedy, it is also a system of medicine which has its own way of diagnosis and treatment. Ayurveda mainly aims to treat physical and mental health with Medicine, Treatments, Food & Lifestyle activities. What a patient suffering from Cancer requires other than increasing lifespan by feeling better.

Is it safe to choose Ayurvedic medicines instead of undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiology?

The system of medicine which they have to undergo is completely to the ones own wish and we do not force anyone to follow Ayurveda. As Ayurveda believes that medicine without belief is completely no use. But we have cases where the people have not undergone any chemo or radiotherapy and surviving with our medication since two years and we have also seen the patients who come back after chemo & radiotherapy where they have left out with all the option and we can increase their lifespan for just fewer months

At what stage of Cancer can one benefit with Ayurveda?

The initial stages are always better for prognosis of the treatment rather than the later stages, but even in later stages we see that the patient do not end their life with several sufferings.

How can a person benefit from Ayurveda, post-Chemo/ Radiology?

Ayurveda rejuvenation therapies and Food guidelines can definitely be helpful post chemo or radio therapy to avoid recurring of the same.

What are some general precautions/lifestyle changes one must take to avoid being affected by Cancer?

From simple use of plastics to the chemicals in the food ingredients used are completely the reasons for the growing up cancer disease. Each person has to first respect the environment so that the environment does not feed us with the diseases. Every step by every individual to keep the earth safe it the best way to avoid Cancer and other deadly lifestyle disorders.

How helpful is Ayurveda for those looking for post chemo rejuvenation? How does it help the body?

Chemotherapy works as a two-edged sword, while destroying cancerous cells, it also destroys healthy normal fast-growing cells of the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membrane, skin, hair root and so on. Hence, the medico therapeutics of chemotherapy can be considered as toxins. As part of Rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda, we detoxify the body through a multifaceted approach based on the type of cancer and patient body nature in order to enhance digestion, normalize the metabolism. Once the body is stabilized Ayurvedic rejuvenation medicines without any toxins, it starts to concentrate on building strong physiology, healthy tissues and increases immunity. The strong inbuilt immunity in that persons prevents rapid cancer cell growth in the body and over the period of time he will be free from cancer disease.

Our service in our customer’s words

Amisha Manjunath

This place is simply amazing. Never expected healthy food to taste so good! They also have yoga classes which has helped me a lot.


Dr. Prabhudev

I had undergone stem cell therapy for my knee joint pain. As I had slight pain I went to Janu Basti treatment which helped me a lot as a rejuvenation therapy to reduce my knee pain.


Ms. Shylaja

Many years of my thyroid was treated with Ayurveda Panchakarma therapy, herbal medicines and healthy diet. Now I am able to maintain my TSH levels without any medication. Thanks to MAHANASA team.


Mr. Ramu

I was suffering from my neck and shoulder pain. I was referred to Mahanasa from my family Doctor. I was treated with Abhyanga, Ruksha sweda, Patra pind sweda and Kukkutanda sweda. The service given by the staff was too good and I got relief from my pain.


Ms. Jayalakshmi

I was undergoing severe stress, the Ayurveda medicines and Shirodhara therapy helped me to overcome my stress levels


Ms. Geetha Jagannath

I had been here for thr thyroid problem, as I had heard that Yoga helps in treating thyroid. Got individual attention & was taught asanas, Pranayama and Mudra in perticular to my symptoms.


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