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?… Do you forget everything easily? Me too! We both have a mind like a

?… Have you heard the Taylor Swift’s new song? Oh my god! She sings like an

?… My sister never talks! She is as quiet as a

?… Everybody in this modern world is as busy as

.If you want to complete all these sentences and learn fresh new English similes, this podcast is for you

”In this episode we are talking about an interesting part of English known as ”Similes


.Oh no! Look at Jack and Emily! They are fighting again.They always fight like cats and dogs

!Does this sentence mean that Jack and Emily are really cats and dogs?! Absolutely not

?Here we have an example of a simile. What is a simile

.A simile describes one thing as being similar to another thing

.In my previous example, Jack and Emily are similar to cats and dogs because they fight a lot

Similes often use words “like” and “as”. But remember, they are used in informal conversations and writings, so you may not want to use them in

.formal circumstances or in formal writings

.Now, we are going to learn some of these exciting similes together

:”Firstly, I explain similes which use the word “like

.To have a mind like a sieve: When you say you have a mind like a sieve, you have a bad memory and you forget things easily

.You are very forgetful

To sleep like a log: (For your information, a log is the wooden part of a tree that has been cut)To sleep very well

.without being woken up by any noise

.To sing like an angel: To sing beautifully; as you may know, people believe that angels have sweet, soft and beautiful voices

To work like a dream: When something works like a dream, it works perfectly well for you or if a plan works like a dream, it is a really

.successful plan

Like taking a candy from a baby: When an activity is really easy to do or it is very simple, we say that doing this activity is like taking

.a candy from a baby

: “Now, I explain similes which use the word “as

.As good as gold: To be very good, to feel very good or to behave really well

.As busy as a bee: To be very busy and having lots of things to do

.As happy as a clam: To be extremely happy and delighted

.As clear as crystal: When something is clear and easy to understand it is as clear as crystal

.As quiet as a mouse: When a person is very quiet and does not like to talk at all, they are as quiet as a mouse

.So, there you go! Now, you have learned useful similes to make your writing or speaking more interesting

There are hundreds of more similes out there on the internet or in English books to learn but I tried to cover the most useful ones for you

.in this podcast. I hope you have enjoyed learning these similes

!Have a wonderful time dear English lovers and goodbye


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